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and midwest towns this weekend. some caught on tape. next - a live report on the survivors . tornadoes tear through southern and midwestern town this is weekend. some caught on tape. you are taking a look at that right now. coming up next, a live report on the survivor and the massive amount of damage left behind. and democrats, republicans and advertisers all agree on one thing. talk host rush limbaugh went too far. the fallout from his rant against the college student. plus, mitt romney's presidential campaign picking up momentum following another win in washington state. it is 8:30, march march 4th, sunday morning. if you are joining us this morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of news to cover in the next hour.
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we will be talking about the republican presidential race and the economy. and also talking about america's cup. but our top story, we have been following two day's worth of reports of damage coming out of the tornadoes in the midst west and south and today the search for survivors is continuing. >> that is right. after the tornadoes ripped through the south, the number of people killed is 36 so far. apparent tornadoes destroyed the town of henryville, indiana. we will have a live report from the scene in just about five minutes. more than 10,000 california college student will be ralliesing at the state -- rallying at the state capital tomorrow, raising awareness about tuition hikes, upset about paying more money for higher education while fact and staff members are being laid off. students want governor brown to
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reject any budget deal that includes education cuts or tuition hikes and supporting raising funds with a proposed tax hike on the rich. and turning to our campaign 2012 coverage, mitt romney has won the presidential caucuss in the state of washington. providing more momentum as he heads into super tuesday, which is about 48 hours from now. now, with the votes in in all precinct, romney has 38%. not an overwhelming majority, but ron paul came in 2nd with 25% and rick santorum with 24% and newt gingrich has only 10%. this weekend romney has been highlighting his business background. >> with job so is badly needed, and with incomes having gone down, we need a president who knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: romney is in a close bat we will santorum in ohio. romney said late last night that his win in washington state mean that is voters "do not want a washington insider
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in the white house." and after an outcry by women and politician, conservative radio personality, rush limbaugh apologized for the insults directed at the young woman who testified about congress about birth control coverage. we have more reports on a bay area lawmaker also outraged. >> reporter: the comments were harsh and shocking, even for a man known for generating shock to underscore his conservative views. he acknowledges going to far what he called a university law school student a slut and prostitute. he said... the student had been asked to testify to congressional democrats and support the health care policy that would cover jesuit college georgetown
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to cover her become. and rush says, what can you say. # rush limbaugh continues... . >> and the san mateo congresswoman, jacqueline spear, fired back from the house. >> shame on you for being the hate monger that you are and calling the women of this country sluts and prostitutes. >> reporter: he first garnered -- she first garnered attention two weeks ago when she was refused to testify regarding contraception. >> he wanted to express concern and make sure i was okay. he mentioned as a parent of two daughters, he hopes i would tell my parents they should be proud of me.
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>> and bowing to pressure, rush limbaugh pulled ads from his radio show. rescuers are using search dogs as they look for survivors of tornadoes that smashed many parts of the midwest and south. >> the storms killed at least 36 people so far in five states. hundreds of people are injured. terrell brown is live in henryville, indiana, where a pair of tornadoes touched down. terrell, that scene behind you is amazing. >> reporter: unbeliefable damage. we know now, it was an ef-4 tornado that came through here. 0 being the weakest, 5 the strongest, it was a 4 that moved through this area, causing this school bus, the taxi and frame of the bus ripped apart and thrown into this cafe. search and rescue operations, meanwhile, continue here. new videos show that immense tornadoes plowed through the
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town of henryville in indiana friday. two tornadoes hit the town, one rated a ef-4, packing winds of 175 miles per hour. >> it is on the ground now. >> i was very, very scared. >> reporter: this girl was with her father, a bus driver for the town's school district. he left this school friday afternoon with a bus full of kids, trying to get them all home before the storm hits, but he ran out of time with a couple kids still on board and ma made the decision to seek smelt inner a church basement, possibly safelying their lives. >> two or three minutes later it hit. it went right over the top of the church and hit. >> reporter: the tornado measured about 150-yards across was on the ground for an astonishing 52 minute that is left behind mangled car, downed power lines and destruction for miles. teams are searching for businesses, leveled homes and overturned trucks for survivors
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as the overwhelming clean up begins. >> i am here to do everything i can to get what is important to us, what is important to me, because these are awesome memories. >> reporter: the wrenching task of combing through ruined possession will be repeated today around the region. four tornadoes in eastern kentucky friday, another five twisters touched down in southwest ohio. very unseasonably warm air that triggered this in southern indiana was back on friday, so, we have tornadoes that caused damage like this. then come today, this morning, you won't believe it, phil and ann, a wintery mix in the forecast! so, folks out here bundled up as they continue the search and rescue efforts. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done to clean up these areas. what about rescue teams coming from other parts of the country? are they starting to dribble in? what do we expect as far as aid
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from the red cross and feds? >> reporter: we have the red cross here and the national guard. during the live shot i was trying not to get hit by a power truck backing up. this is what is happening right now. power coming back amazingly fast. it is in our hotels and the outskirts of the devastated area power is back. it is this kind of work, folks filing in from all across the region making this happen. an incredible endeavor to watch so quickly after the storms hit. >> terrell brown live in henryville, indiana. thank you. well, voters in russia are choosing a new president today. >> vladimir putin is expected to win easily and make a comeback to the kremlin. he may be facing fresh round of protests, though. russian observers are seeing
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widespread violations. meanwhile china is expected to raise defense spending by # 1% this year. that -- 11% this year. that adds up to $106 billion. china's military leaders are not happy with president obama's administration. they have a problem with the recent move to increase the u.s. military presence in the asia-pacific region. 8:39. the countdown to super tuesday continues. we have more next. plus, art imitates life. the star-studded opening of a proposition 8 play. and will they stay or will they go? the owner of the oakland a's sounds off on a new report about the team. it will be another gorgeous day all across the bay. widespread 70's, and cooler temperatures are on the way. a look at the seven-day forecast, coming up. ,,,,
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to move to s . the owner of the oakland a's is dismissing a report his
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team will not be allowed to move to san jose. the commissioner is likely to uphold the giants territorial, they write. the story says a lawyer says the team owners will not vote to overturn the giant's rights. wolf is a friend of felix and said felix did not bring up the issue during a conversation yesterday. meanwhile, the first west coast reading about a play about a trial which overturned proposition 8 featured and all- star cast in los angeles this weekend. >> i am giving you prior testimony about homosexuals, how did you feel when you realized i was gay. >> when i was 13, my parents discovered my journal. >> last night eat reading featured brad pitt and george clooney and martin sheen in the play. this was a benefit for the effort to secure federal marriage equality.
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the script was written by dustin lance black, the award- winning screen writer from the movie, "milk." well, let's take a live look outside. it feels like spring out there. elizabeth says we will see a cool down in the forecast. . >> good morning. we are off to a clear start this morning. and this afternoon. temperatures will really warm up. we will see widespread 70s across the bay. and the weather headlines, seeing cooler days ahead. temperatures will take a nose dive for the start of the workweek. but today, if you liked yesterday, well, you will like today, as well. high pressure is holding steady, bringing us nice, mild conditions and dry weather. the futurecast tell as story over the next 72 hours. clear skies until monday
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evening to tuesday when things get unsettled. any rain we do get will be light sprinkle, mainly north of the golden gate, mainly in the north bay. anything we do get will be out of here by tuesday afternoon. the pinpoint forecast today showing beautiful sky, plenty of sunshine over northern california. a lot of folks are hitting the roads in tahoe. 54 is the high there. plenty of sunshine and mostly sunny skies in sacramento. and highs in the upper 70s in places like fresno. if you are doing traveling today, not bad. closer to home, we will see great temperatures, reaching the upper 70s in some spots. check out the temperatures in the south bay. campbell 79. 79 in santa clara and 74 the forecasted high in places like hayward and the east bay. 73 in best friendwood, 74 in
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pittsburgh and 75 have a lie hoe. the temperatures are 10 to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. 73 for contendfield and 70 for the high in know valley. a weather repeat from today to yesterday. i slight chance of a shower. and temperatures cooler monday and tuesday. and then back to seasonal wednesday through the end of the workweek, climbing back up to the 60s and 70s. a little spring preview for us here. this is a beautiful picture from a viewer in martinez. it is not spring yet, but
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gorgeous outside, so enjoy the weekend. back to you. well, the clock is ticking. super tuesday less than 48 hours away and 48 delegates at stake in the republican race for the white house. >> yes. tom, this has been a race for the book, a game-changer. i think a lot has to do with the debates and television coverage. my question is, how important is the actual organization of the party having to do with the races, or is it every person for themselves? you grab them and you go? >> it seems it plays less of a role. earlier in the old days and conventions, the party mattered a lot, but now candidates run outside the party structure. that was true with meg whitman. she didn't rely on the party structure for her candidacy and with president levels and superpacks and the like, it isn't the rnc guys. there are only 148 of us in the country, anyway.
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we don't make the decisions. the candidates do. >> ron paul seem to be barely in the party. >> absolutely. it is a good something that he exists and is bringing new energy to the table that, kind of thing. but, no, it is largely outside the party. >> what we have is -- i get two messages from the republican rank and file. one is that they are excited about the opportunity this time to not be taps down by the establishment. they have real values here, they say, and want the do more than just elect a winner, somebody that will win at whatever the cost. we did that with bush and weren't happy with the turnout what, we got. but the other half is saying enough of the debating and fighting. let's try to pick a winner. how do you resolve that? >> through the primary process and it is not a very clean solution. part of the reason romney hasn't felt a desire to consolidate the conservative
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base is he doesn't want to go too far in one direction or another. he wants to run where he thinks -- that is why he is campaigning today about obama and not republicans. >> it does seem smarter to go ahead and attack the president at this point. with it not being decided -- i mean, is it. we have super tuesday coming up. do you have any prediction in the. >> yes. i think romney will win six states. you think newt will win georgia. you will see santorum win in tennessee. something like that. but if romney is spending a lot of time a in ohio -- and i would put everything on what he has in ohio -- if he win that is, he wins the race dramatically. >> when we talk about winning ohio or washington, in this primary, in this day and age with 24-hour t.v. and all the coverage, what is it they can actually do to make a difference these day in the. >> well, it is a question of turnout. new we see whether romney has
8:49 am
enough people on the ground to turn out this sort of thing. four years ago mccain won nine states on super tuesday and romney won seven, yet it was somehow decided at that point. so, this perceived victory you will see doesn't need to be that big, but i think it will be a big punch if he can win ohio, because then he would have one -- >> let's flip a coin. what if it is a draw. what if you try -- the media tries to push the winner, then we go back and say, by the way, they didn't win, which would have changed the entire equation if he had not been the announced winner. what if it is not clear? do we have a broken convention then? >> call me back in two weeks. i think, though, that because romney is winning the small states inbetween like washington and things like that, somebody has to come up with a winning streak, santorum or gingrich. a actual winning streak. not an occasional. they have to win two or three
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in a row. i don't see that hoe. >> thank you. we will be right back. [ male announcer ] with citibank, it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds and puts down a barrier to stop new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control spray once. stop weeds for months.
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>> woman: don't forget the yard work! >> o.k. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. sailing races to san francisco, many are talking as if it is now a done deal. but they're the supporters right? allen . eight minutes shy of 9:00. well, many are talking as if it is now a done deal, but
8:53 am
supporters take a closer look at why the man who brought a lawsuit against the event says the america cup will take place on the san francisco bay. . mayor ed lee canceled his scheduled tour of pier 32 monday, only to say the docks were no longer added to the america's business plan. >> mr. ellison, i was in conversation with him about an hour ago. he is just as enthusiastic about getting this race started. >> reporter: but the clock was ticking. getting started meant not getting turned down. >> these are the things we don't have a certaintity about. >> reporter: by the board of directors, which in a little more than 24 hours would vote on whether the city will host the race. jim lazarus with the chamber or commerce, says the pier 3032 renovation was a make it or
8:54 am
break it part of the deal. >> there was opposition as we hear in van on land use issues. >> reporter: they feel by not giving ellison rights to develop and have 66 years potential income from piers 30/32, the city is losing out on an improved waterfront, but it tips the scale because waterfront improvement is limited and expensive. >> they were opening to put deals together with waterfront and seawall properties, things that would make it look. the longer they looked at it, the harder it was, too. >> reporter: the day teams practice on the bay, no plan b means negotiators for both the city and team oracle had to find a way to make it all work. >> the big remaining question -- >> reporter: but will it be enough to quiet critiques. the 80 million that san francisco has to pay back is
8:55 am
excited about the america's cup coming here, it has to be at a reasonable price. >> i think san francisco will benefit and some apt of investment the warranted, but it shouldn't be something san francisco cans pay for for generation to come. >> he says he may drop the lawsuit but it will depend on the final agreement sent to the supervisors as we don't expect that for a couple of weeks. if you have an idea, send me an email. allen mart tin, cbs 5 eyewitness news. >> yes.
8:56 am
it turns into a super bowl type event rather than being in the ocean where nobody can see it. they wanted to make it is spectator sport. they were expecting like 500,000 people. a couple of things have happened. one, teams aren't showing up at the rate they thought. it is an expensive race and sponsors aren't spending the money, so, the race shrunk in size to about half. and the second part was to revitalize the waterfront and use that as an excuse to build up the pier that is otherwise would fall into the water. but because the money is not there and the controversy, appears not to be happening, either. it will be a smaller event than expected and the piers they were hoping to rebuild with money from the race won't happen. new changes on the way to california's new drug laws. more on that, coming up next. >> and kid who is want jobs and a city hope ago to deliver them. coming up, why both sides say putting teen to work is a win-
8:57 am
win. and these hens are now on the road to recovery, but they still need help. we will be right back. whoever said that "less is more" is more or less mathematically challenged. less isn't more, it's less. and the only thing more than more is a lot more. which is exactly what i get at embassy suites. more space... more down time. more family time. more me time. more me time. more me time. because the more more i have, the more i have to have... more.
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and its the last weekend of campaigning before super tuesda amid the devastation, reason for hope throughout the midwest. and campaigning for super
9:00 am
tuesday, what presidential candidates are doing to standout from the competition. they are healthier than they were when they arrived. >> thousands of hens saved in a matter of weeks. that is what has been done to nourish these chicks back to health. what you can do to help. welcome back to this weekend's early edition. thank you for joining us this morning. i am anne makovec. >> and i am phil matier. we have a lot of new to cover in the next half hour, including pop significance 8 and changing california's drug laws. >> yes. that! but first, our top story this is morning. we have been following this story for days now. the search for survivors after the string of tornadoes hit the midwest and south. the number of people killed in friday's storms have climbed to nearly 40 people in five states, a pair of tornadoes obliterated the town of henryville, indiana. one rated an ef-4, packing winds of 175 miles per hour. now the task of cleaning up is overwhelming.
9:01 am
. >> i am here to do everything i can to get whatever i can that belongs to me because thee are awesome memories. >> we are now hearing the death toll is up to 36. and in indiana, a bright spot of hope. a 2-year-old little girl was found alive, but all her immediate relative, the rest of her family, did die. the toddler is in critical condition at a louisville hospital and the friend as and family are grieving the death of the parents and two other children. with super tuesday two days away, the countdown is on. most of the republican presidential candidates spent yesterday campaigning in delegate-rich ohio. washington state held its caucuses yesterday and mitt romney racked up another victory there, although not a stunning one. as drew levinson reports. >> reporter: inside some caucus
9:02 am
sites, it was standing room only. and in others, voters were turned away, as ten's of thousand's of washington state republicans made their picks for a presidential nomineement front-runner, mitt romney, won the caucus. ron paul came up short, coming in second. mitt romney he rallied supporters in ohio where he is locked in a close rate there with rick santorum. and mitt romney stuck to hammering president obama and highlighting his business program. >> with job so is badly needed and incomes going down, we need a president that knows the economy to fix the economy. >> reporter: in the health care bill, he supported individual mandates and penalty that is
9:03 am
inspired president obama's health care bill. >> it is bad enough that he recommended it, it is worse that he wouldn't come clean the with the people of this primary that he did it. >> reporter: speaking of cincinnati, newt gingrich says although he is counting on a win in georgia, he feels he will do well in ohio. >> we want to get as many delegates as we can and we see real students here. >> reporter: more than 400 delegates are up for grabs super tuesday. drew levinson, cbs news. and a congresswoman tears into rush limbaugh about his comments about a georgia town law student. he fired off harsh words after a student testified in congress about a need for birth control. >> rush limbaugh, shame on you. shame on you for being the hate monger that you are and month sole judge insistic and shame on you for calling the women of this country sluts and prostitutes.
9:04 am
that is what he did! after some advertisers pulled from his radio show, he admitted he did not intend a personal attack on sandra fluke. . >> advertisers pulled out from his radio show after the attack. he admitted he did not intend the personal attack on sandra fluke and he said on his weapons... city's community officers -- he said on his website... ort mayor jean quan's 100- block plan. 22 . and later the oakland police chief reassigned half of the community's police officers in order to support the mayor's one hundred block plan. 22 problem-solving officers are part of a crime fighting team focusing on the city's most violent neighborhoods. >> the coughsers being assigned in the -- officers being assigned to the hundred blocks are officers coming back to the city last july off of pensions.
9:05 am
we were able to bring back an extra 34 officers and 25 more new officers assigned to the schools. >> the officers salaries are funned by measure y, a partial tax that voters approved about eight years ago. the money also comes to support violent crime prevention programs. and the san mateo sheriff's department is taking over the police department. the officers will serve the same area and be partnered with sheriff's employees. it will save the city an estimated $1.6 million in the first year alone. it is the next step in the largest animal rescue operation in california history. thousands of malnourished hens rescued in stanislaus county are being nursed back to help. >> 2,000 hen that is lived in
9:06 am
battery cages for a little over a year. >> they were penned to cages, starved for weeks and unable to move. those are the conditions 50,000 hens endured at a shed. >> it is a sad and a terrible situation. >> 40,000 hens did not survive, but the majority who did are now being cared for her at the animal place rescue ranch in vacaville. >> they are healthier than when they arrived. >> since arriving earlier this week, the hens received medical attention and a diet of high protein, high calcium feed. >> they lost 50% of their body weight and they are putting it back on. they are scratching, dusting, sunbathing. it has been overwhelming. sun up to sun down, an army of staff and volunteers. >> not only physically, but financially draining, as well. the sanctuary goes through 2000
9:07 am
pounds or $400 worth of feed per day. the group is looking for any help from the public, either through financial donations or adoption. >> we want to very much a backyard. you need to have a pen set to protect them from predators and access to the ground. and a shift in opinion when it comes to things like marriage in california. we will discuss that with state senator, mark leno, but we will also talk about a new proposal he has that could decriminalize drug charges. >> that may help these teens. that is one of the problem these face in the summer and it would allow them to get into job fairs in high crammed neighborhoods. also, a bay area company that made online news go viral on yelp, a boom or bust? political insiders sound off. another gorgeous day across the bay.
9:08 am
widespread 70s, and cooler temperatures op the way. a look at the seven-day forecast, coming up.
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11 minutes after 9:00.
9:11 am
the city of oakland is making an effort to keep kids out of trouble by putting them to work. at a job's fair, the city's department is looking for help in the parks & rec and explorer programs. the city will make half of the 1,000 jobs available to people who live in high crime neighborhoods, part of the mayor's 100 block initiative. last year congress cut a huge summer jobs program and oakland has been working to fill the gone with the combined public- private sector effort with the summer jobs. there will be more jobs in april with the private sector jobs. meanwhile, today we will see temperatures warming up, something that will make ann
9:12 am
here happy. >> gorgeous yesterday. it looks like we will see a repeat here today. you are taking a live look outside there. it feels like spring. elizabeth has a look at whether we will see a little cooldown in the forecast. >> good morning. we will see cooler days ahead. for the start of the workweek, temperatures will take a nose dave. but a weather repeat -- nose dive. but a weather repeat today, if you liked yesterday. we will be seeing mild conditions and dry weather. the futurecast tells the story over the next 72 hours. pretty clear skies until monday evening to tuesday. you can see how things start to get a little unsettled. any rain we do get will be very light sprinkles. it will be mainly north of the
9:13 am
golden gate, in the north bay. anything we do get will be out of here by tuesday afternoon. so, for today, pinpoint forecast shows beautiful skies and plenty of sunshine over northern california. many of folks are hitting the roads in tahoe. 54 the high there. plenty of sunshine. and highs in the upper 70s in places like fresno. fur doing traveling today, not too bad. the pinpoint forecast closer to home, really great temperatures, reaching the upper 70s in some spots. check out the temperatures in the south bay. campbell 79. 79 in santa clara and 74 the forecasted high in hayward and east bay. 73 in brentwood, 74 in pittsburg and 75 in pleasant hill. and north bay, similar story, not too bad. none of these will be record breaker, but they are 10 to 15
9:14 am
degrees above average for this time of year. 73 for consentfield and 73 inno high valley. another -- 73 in noe valley. and monday, is a slight chance of sprinkles in the forecast monday to tuesday. by tuesday afternoon, anything with do get will be completely gone. then we will see cooler temperatures by tuesday. mostly in the 50s. we could squeeze out a couple low 60s. then temperatures pretty seasonable wednesday through the end of the workweek, climbing back up to the 60s and 70s. a little spring preview for us here. you can see this beautiful picture sent in from a viewer in martinez. it is not spring yet, but gorgeous outside. enjoy the weekend. back to you. a new pole shows 59% of
9:15 am
california voters -- a new poll shows 59% of california voters support same sex marriage and another shows the way certain laws would be prosecutor. >> yes. we will talk first about gay marriage. are supporterrers ready to go back to had -- supporters ready to go back to the ballot? >> one way or another, the public opinion in the court of law as to why denying these public licenses. >> will you go back. >> not this year. >> why not? >> there isn't the interest, money and why would we interfere with the successful run wes are having in courts right now. >> and on the poll do you trust the poll in the. >> polls are plus or minus 3%. but the trend is notable. not just among democrats and inspects, but even republicans over 6 -- independents, but even republicans over 65 are
9:16 am
moving into the direction of equality. >> and meanwhile, you don't want a no vote in california? >> exactly. >> speaking of courts, you introduced an interesting bill in the state senate. you want to take possession of drugs and change it from a felony to a misdemeanor. >> that is correct. >> why? >> well, 13 other states already do it. west virginia, tennessee, mississippi, wyoming, iowa -- they all do it. we would save about $160 million at the county level each year along with another $65 million of state general funds benefits, and we could put that money into drug treatment. state that is have misdemeanor laws rather than felony laws have lower rates of drug use and higher rates of drug treatment. these felonies don't keep us
9:17 am
any safer and they don't persuade anyone not to use drugs. it sets up barrier to education, housing and employment, the three things that keep as user stable so they won't reuse. >> and law enforcement say, look, it takes a lot of repeat offense to wind up in state prison for drugs these days. they don't just grab you off the street. oftentimes it does include earlier drug treatment program that is fail. finally they say okay, you are going away. in the process, there is a lot of burglaries and other things going on associated with the drug use. allowing it to be misdemeanors and leaving them on the streets, what is that going to do for the rest of us? >> i am glad you brought that up. you would think there would be more property and low level crimes, but that is not the case. there is evidence-based programming going on here. we need to look at that time data in the misdemeanor states. there are lower rates of property crime --
9:18 am
>> do they have any other change that is accompany this? >> such as -- >> you know? mandatory treatment like you have to go in? do they have follow-up or more money involved in follow-up or probation and parole people keeping an eye on people? >> that is what we will have with the savings. a thousand murders go unsolved every year in california for lack of funds to invest in and more police on the streets. we are wasting a lot of money putting a felony conviction on someone, and it doesn't lower drug rates. >> final question, when we do these cost-saving things what, is the guarantee the money will go where you said it goes rather than taking the money, save it, and put it someplace else? in other words the follow-up? >> sure. we would write legislation to direct it to local law enforcement and they would be smart to use it in that way because they know they would get better results. >> we have seen similar measures around here about this already. >> yes, we have. i have to say it has mixed
9:19 am
results. i mean, it is not pretty to put somebody in jail, and i think everybody agree with that, but evaluating the alternate programs as to successes and failures is not a pretty thing to do. >> it is not pretty, but it is also expensive and findings show it does not help them get off drugs, so, who is that helping? >> again, that is the debate i get with law enforcement folks. they say it costs $40,000 to put somebody away. that is expensive, more than going to college. understand, a drug addict in a year can steal three times as much as that. >> but then he is prosecuted for stealing? >> no, because that is a difficult crime to prove. burglary, especially when people are stretched thin. it is stuff. you have to find ed or they get -- evidence or they get away with so many of them before they are caught. with drugs, it is in your pocket, you get caught, and away you go.
9:20 am
>> okay. >> so, the said thing in law enforcement, it is easier to get somebody for drugs than it is for somebody as big as murder, because all you need is the product. you don't need a witness, and away you go. okay. coming up, a surge in stock prices last week. will it last? our political insider tell us, coming up. ,,,,
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they'll leap ahead. miracle-gro garden soil. start right. finish big. public. yelp transformed nary customers into vi . 9:22. wall street was buzzing over the latest bay area company to go public. yelp transforms ordinary customers into vital online reviews. >> but how much of that buzz will be lasting? the stock jumped 73% on the first day of trading, but what about down the line? and besides, do these companies really create long- lasting jobs? that is what we asked two big
9:23 am
tech promoters. first question, okay, it has a buzz, but is it boom or bust in the long term? >> powerful point you are making. you think of twitter, yelp, facebook, a all these company getting huge market caps, hundreds of millions of dollars. but not that many jobs. you can open 20 restaurants and have as many job openings as yelp does. so, it is not as significant in terms of job creation. >> and what does it do in terms of taxes? we get a big boost when they go public, but they seem to be lobbying left and right for breaks. >> you cannot allow yourself to become addicted enough to spend the money. you better take that money and put that in an infrastructure or deferred maintenance or something of that nature. you cannot add new employees on the public sector side based upon the income. it may not be there next year.
9:24 am
>> but no one understands the temptation better than former mayor willy brown, to use one- time money, capital gains forren going purposes. so, yes, you have been working to slid fie the revenue grows. >> is this a healthy way go building the economy? >> because we have to get in future business. this defines the state and nation. you have to have more behind you in terms of substance. this is a more sustainable economy than we have experienced. >> and one more thing. every one of these companies was sold on the basis of
9:25 am
private investment, not government. >> that is a good point, and that is a dramatic way in which you want to build your power. >> and the only thing that will slow us down, the sand in the gears in the capacity to grow is talent. every company has one complaint exclusively, we can't find enough qualified people, which is an extraordinary statement in an economy with california having 2 million people unployed. we are not conveying the talent from universities like we used to. coming up, a last look at today's top stories. >> including new details about the series of tornadoes that slammed the midwest and the south. >> we will be right back. >> announcer: with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. >> nice job, ben. >> announcer: well played, dan. well played. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. [ male announcer ] citibank's new app for ipad
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like gate d12 for the next three hours. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. stories: at least 36 people are dead following a series of tornadoes . well, here is a look at this morning's top stories. >> at least 36 people are dead following a series of tornadoes in the midwest and south. one tornado in indiana packed
9:28 am
winds of about 175 miles per hour. >> and a toddler was found alive in an indiana field which gives us a bit of hope. more than 10,000 california college student will be rallying at the capital tomorrow raising awareness over tuition hikes. they are upset about paying more money for higher education while faculty and staff are being laid off. and super tuesday less than 48 hours away. most of the presidential candidates spent yesterday campaigning in ohio and romney racked up a caucus victory in washington yesterday. and taking a live look outside in san francisco. downtown we are expecting highs in the mid-60s. the seven-day forecast day forecast is here. a gorgeous couple of days and things pulling off with a chance of a few sprinkles. >> thank you all for joining us this morning. have yourself a wonderful day. we will be back next sunday.
9:29 am
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